Wood Fences

Vertical cedar privacy fence, simple cap
Vertical wood privacy fence with gate and gate side lites.
Horizontal wood feend for modern home
Decorative wood privacy fence with open pattern top section, cap rail and posts, Denver, Colorado
Dark stained wood privacy fence with vertical pickets, custom made for brick posts
Cedar privacy fence with decorative, open pattern top section and cap rail, Denver, Colorado
Backyard fence, cedar privacy fence Denver Colorado
Wood trellis, Denver, Colorado
Split Rail Fence, by Fence Right, Denver Colorado
Farm-style fence with garage gate, Colorado
Farm-style fence for contemporary brick home
Open fence with driveway gate for contemporary home, Denver, Colorado
Wood picket fence, rural Colorado
Modern horizontal privacy fence
Contemporary horizonal cedar wood privacy fence, Denver Colorado
Iron and wood fence for rural Colorado
Split rail fence by Fence Right Denver Colorado
Diamond pattern privacy fence with decorative cap and base
Contemporary cedar privacy fence with metal posts
Gray stain, cedar privacy fence with decorative cap posts
Wood fence with alternating vertical and open weave pattern
Patio fence, dark stain cedar privacy fence
Open vertical picket fence and gate
Vertical slate privacy fence
Wood privacy fence custom fit to brick column posts
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Wood Fencing

FenceRight offers numerous styles of custom cedar and redwood privacy fences and decorative picket fences to choose from. Go to our Wood Fence Gallery to view some of our designs.

We believe that wood is the most natural way to achieve our clients’ needs. Using the proper wood materials can ensure a long lasting, beautiful and soft background for any landscape. All of our cedar is a #1 grade, Western Red variety. Our Redwood is purchased mill direct from renewable resources. We do not deal in old growth redwood products.

FenceRight offers numerous styles of custom cedar and redwood privacy fences and decorative picket fences to choose from.

We offer a variety of different finishes for your new cedar or redwood fence. From transparent, U.V. protective applications that will help maintain that fresh natural look; to semi solid finishes that will completely change the appearance to a more opaque, uniform result.

Wood Fence Installation Standards

  • All posts are set 28″ in concrete caissons. We set our posts with a maximum span of 7ft centers to achieve a significantly stronger fence. We use individually treated, hot dipped galvanized nails, stainless steel ring shank nails or stainless steel finish head screws. The top and bottom course of nails and screws are installed using practices that will provide uniformity.
  • All pickets are installed using a level to insure that they are always plumb, regardless of varying levels of terrain.
  • All gates are hung on 4×6 or 6×6 hinge posts. We drill completely through the hinge post and mount the hardware with carriage bolts, nuts and washers, to form maximum strength and adjustability for years to come. We build our gates using a “double Z” design to achieve the strongest and most serviceable gates in the industry.

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